Commonly Asked Questions

General Information

Will I need pot feet or risers?

We recommend that you raise any container that will be outside all year, on feet or some form of riser. This will keep the pot above frozen ground and allow airflow all around the pot, drying it between watering and preventing the drain hole from blocking. If a planted pot becomes water-logged, the plant root system will suffer, and with winter frost, the expansion of the frozen soil within could crack the pot regardless of its quality and resistance. See our Planting Advice page.

Are the pots hand-made? 

Yes, the pots are produced entirely by hand. This is an Artisan trade, and the family potteries we work with use skills passed down over many generations. You will often see the imprints of the craftsman's hands who made them, and it is not unusual to see tool marks, tiny firing cracks hand-filled by the potter, and minor differences from one pot to the next. These small characteristics bring individuality to the pots and are the natural beauty of a handmade terracotta planter. 

What material is used?

The raw material is Galestro. Galestro is a grey rock found naturally in some clay sediments in Tuscany, in the earth's upper layers. Extracted for terracotta production, Galestro is first ground in mills, then recompacted with water to obtain what we call "galestro clay". 

The properties of Galestro, combined with the potters' skill, give our product an extraordinary quality component: as regards both the character of its colour and its resistance to the elements. The characteristic mottled red colour of galestro clay comes from high-temperature firing and the earth's natural saline efflorescences. In addition to the undisputed beauty of their colours and finishings, our products boast considerable resistance to even the harshest climatic conditions.

Is the colour always the same?

The entire production maintains the naturalness of the material because only water and clay are used. The pots are then fired traditionally without adding chemical substances to change the final colour. For this reason, the products can have slightly different shades from each other. Over time, the products acquire a patina during natural ageing when the colours tend to become more uniform.

Can we visit and view the pots?

Yes! We don't have an expensive showroom, but we do have a storage area where you will be able to view hundreds of pots. We do, however, ask that you call in advance to make an appointment to ensure someone will be able to greet you and show you around.

Care and Frost Resistance

Are the pots frost resistant?

Yes, they are able to withstand very low temperatures. They are hand made using high-quality Galestro clay, then allowed to dry slowly before being fired at 1000 º C  for several days. This ancient process, along with the potters skill gives them the resistance needed for our winter conditions. See our Frost Protection page.

Do I need to take any other precautions with the pots?

The climate in the UK will effect most materials over time, so do expect ageing and organic growth on the terracotta. We do not advise treatment with waterproofing, this will change the look of the terracotta and the way it interacts with the plant root system. For further information see our Planting Advice page.

What is the most important factor to maintain frost resistance?

Good drainage. This is also a requirement for the health of the plant within, most container plants require the soil to be free draining.


How quickly can you deliver an order?

We hold good stocks throughout the year, so in most cases, once payment is received, we can deliver within a 10-15 working day timescale and often sooner.  We also understand if you have work in progress and may want to delay delivery until it suits you… no problem, we can store your pots until you are ready.

How will you deliver?

Bespoke Service

Most customers opt for our bespoke service using our own transport.  This service will include timed delivery where we endeavour to arrive within a two-hour time slot to suit the customer, and this can include weekend delivery with notice. This service will also include the positioning of the pots within a reasonable and accessible distance from the delivery vehicle.  For larger pots and customers who require assistance due to the pots' weight, this would be the delivery method we would highly recommend.  

Courier Delivery

Delivery via a carefully selected courier company who we know will take great care of your pots and will place them in a safe position on your property.  We can often give either a morning or afternoon time slot for delivery, and the driver will be happy to keep you updated on his delivery schedule progress on the day if required.

Stoneware, Statuary & Furniture

For deliveries of any large cast stone items, including statues, plinths & garden furniture, the delivery does not include siting or installation, which is the client's sole responsibility.  Heavier items are delivered in sections for assembly on site.

What is the cost of delivery?

To be transparent with our pricing, we separate the cost of delivery from the pot price. In general terms, the cost for one pot is *£45 with a reasonable supplement added for multiple pots. Delivery costs for stoneware, statuary & furniture will be discussed before order acceptance.

We always recommend contacting us with your details to quote fully on an individual order basis.

*Please note that a supplement may be payable for certain areas within the UK, including Central London, Scotland, and certain parts of Wales.


How do I order from you?

Due to the nature of the products and to provide the best possible customer service, we do not accept online payments.  In the first instance, please either add your items to the basket and send us a quotation request or enquire via either email; click here to use our contact form or call us direct.  We will then return a quote for your order, including delivery.

How do I pay for my order?

On confirmation of your order, we would send an invoice detailing ways to pay. We accept payment via bank transfer, credit/debit card or cheque.

Please note that administration charges will apply for cancelled orders once payment has been received.

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