7 Garden Seating Area Ideas Perfect For Bookworms

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Large planter next to wooden seat with an open book and a hat on it

There’s nothing nicer than setting up camp outdoors with a drink, snacks, and comfy seating ready to lose yourself in a book for an hour or five. With that in mind, here are 7 garden seating area ideas that will fill any bookworm’s heart with joy.

In it for the long haul? Relax in a hammock

If you’re planning on opening a book and reading it from cover to cover, then comfort really is the name of the game. A hammock is a fantastic option for lying comfortably for a prolonged period of time as well as providing visual interest as part of a larger garden design.

Even if you love lying in the sun, having some shade so you’re prepared for the heat of the day is a real must. One great option is to have tall planting in large terracotta pots. This will provide some lovely natural shading, leaves moving gently in the breeze as a gorgeous backdrop for your reading marathon - especially if you use more tropical plants with larger leaves. Another great thing about utilising pots here, is that even large pots are moveable if you decide you’d quite like to move around for a change of scenery.

Smiling woman reading in a hammock with terracotta pots in the background

Integrate seating with raised beds

Are you a lover of books about the natural world? If being surrounded by nature isn’t enough for you, then what could be better than lying in it? By factoring in bench seating into raised beds, you can have plants both next to you and by your head - a super-inspiring reading environment. Add outdoor-friendly cushions for extra style and extra comfort.

A comfy swing seat

If you like sitting to read but are still looking for ultimate comfort, why not consider creating an area in your garden for a swing seat? Based in Lyme Regis, Sitting Spiritually make some fabulous seats perfect for gentle motion while you delve into your favourite novel.

Summer evening reading

If you like to settle down with a good book to relax after a busy day, then imagine settling down to the warmth and comforting crackle of the fire. Add in the flickering firelight as dusk falls, and you’ve got yourself a really atmospheric backdrop to take in your literary favourites. For gorgeous, well-made firepits and tools to last a lifetime, take a look at Herefordshire-based small business The Woodee. 

A firepit in the foreground with a sofa, and side table with wine in the background

Indoors, outdoors

If you like your home comforts, then start thinking about designing your outdoor space with interiors in mind. You can use soft furnishings, outdoor cushions, outdoor rugs and pot plants to create a comfy extension of your home. 

To add an extra layer of visual interest and terracotta warmth, how about using an antique oil jar as part of your garden decor? 

Secret reading hideaway

If reading is your escape, then why not create your own little hideaway within the confines of your garden? You could use bamboo fencing to screen yourself away, and use well-planted terracotta pots to integrate the screening into your garden, creating a garden den where you can enjoy your book in peace. 

Mediterranean-inspired patio

s“In fair Verona, where we lay our scene….” Love stories hit differently when read in Italy. If you enjoy experiencing travel from the comfort of literature, then why not also recreate your favourite places in the garden? Terracotta pots, decorative garden stoneware, Mediterranean planting, citrus trees…

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