A Guide For Choosing and Using Terracotta Pots In Your Garden

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A summer flower display in terracotta pots

Choosing a handmade terracotta pot is an investment in traditional Italian heritage and timeless artisan design. The life's work of generations of Tuscan Master Potters, who've honed their craft and techniques over centuries; a terracotta pot is not just a functional planter but a work of art that will enhance the beauty of your garden.

The Mud Mountain collection includes a wide range of terracotta pots, each with its own unique aesthetic and practical qualities. From plain, multifunctional planters to highly ornate pieces, there's truly a pot to suit all tastes and every garden. Let’s take a look at some of the pots available in the range:

Plain Terracotta Pots

Our plain terracotta pots are exquisitely crafted with minimal detailing, with only strategically placed bands on the shoulder, body, and foot of certain pots; traditionally a means of carrying the planter.

These versatile pots can be used for a variety of planting solutions, from flowering bulbs and bedding to accommodating large shrubs and small fruit trees. While most styles in the range are multifunctional, we also offer planters tailored to specific plants or purposes, such as the Camellia and Bassa.

Decorated Terracotta Pots

Historically, terracotta pots were designed solely for practical use, lacking any decorative elements. Over time, however, as terracotta became more of a regular feature in domestic gardens, artisan potters began incorporating decoration and visual flourishes to the ubiquitous outdoor planter. 

Our range of decorated terracotta pots feature a variety of elegant detailing which can really add charm and beauty to your garden—from simple leaf bands to the highly ornate Conca Duchess. To create contrast and visual interest in your outdoor space, we’d always recommend combining both plain and decorated planters.

Low Terracotta Pots

Low terracotta pots are a wonderful way to add variance and dimension to your garden design while offering a vast range of planting options. Commonly used in Mediterranean gardens—ideal for olive tree planting due to their wide and stable base—a low terracotta planter will provide that authentic rustic Italian look you've been searching for.

The Ciotola bowl-shaped design has proved remarkably popular over the years; a super planter for succulents and vibrant floral displays to add character and colour to your garden. Low terracotta pots are best suited for shallow rooting plants and, as with all our planters, it’s crucial to allow enough drainage space so as to not expose the pot’s bottom to excess moisture. Pot feet or terracotta stands are always an option to improve your planters drainage capacity.

ciotola low terracotta pot
cubo leo terracotta square pot

Tall Terracotta Pots

Incorporating a tall terracotta pot into your garden design is a simple method of creating interest and can really elevate the visual dynamics of your space. Whether placed carefully on a patio or a courtyard, a tall planter can become the stand-out feature of any outdoor area. 

It's vital to choose the right plants for your tall terracotta pots, as they are less stable than their low pot equivalents. Top-heavy plants, for instance, should always find homes in planters with a low centre of gravity—to avoid any chance of your pot toppling over. Evergreen trailing plants, such as rosemary or purple creeping thyme, are great choices for tall pots as they will benefit from the extra root space. Whether used to flank a winding gravel path, or as a dramatic feature in an entranceway, a collection of tall terracotta pots can be a glorious addition to your garden.

Square Terracotta Pots

Combining stunning aesthetics and practical design characteristics, a square terracotta pot offers the best of both worlds for your outdoor spaces. Their flat or angular designs allow them to sit flush against walls or fit neatly into corners, making them ideal for small gardens and or balconies where space might be limited.

Although primarily suited for those challenging or tight areas, our square terracotta pot collection offers plenty of size variety for any number of planting requirements. The Cubo Leo, for example, provides ample depth and stability for larger plants and will sit beautifully on a terrace and patio. By combining different shapes and sized square pots, you can create eye-catching arrangements; a planter perfectly suited for wall climbers, hedging, boundaries, and entrance displays.

Extra Large Terracotta Pots

The jewel in the Mud Mountain crown. We are immensely proud of our extensive range of extra large terracotta pots. Not simply beautiful garden statement pieces, rich in theatre and traditional Italian aesthetics, but also a practical planting solution. The sheer scope of our large terracotta pot range, in terms of size and style, means they are suited to almost any landscaping, garden design and planting project. 

When considering a large handmade pot for your garden, it's always a good idea to stretch the budget as far as possible. It’s an investment in quality and one that will last generations. Spend time looking through the range and find the pot that really resonates with your own tastes and design preferences. From the stunning Conca Festone to the beautifully understated but equally grand Trombo; choose the pot that you will enjoy looking at and savouring each time you visit your garden. It's a decision worth getting right! 

These vast pots offer a wide variety of planting options; perennials, herbs, topiary, shrubs and, in true Italian tradition, olive and lemon trees. A true work of art that will bring style and beauty to your garden for years to come.

extra large pot granduca with motor car

How can we help?

Choosing the perfect terracotta pot for your outdoor space isn’t always an easy decision—and nor should it be. When making an investment in handmade quality, a feature that will find a home in your garden for generations, it’s important to get the decision right. If you’d like any further advice or guidance on choosing an Italian-made terracotta pot for your garden, please do get in touch.

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