Build a BBQ Area That Takes Outdoor Entertaining to the Next Level

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Outdoor barbecue area with terracotta pots

It’s rarely a good idea to rely on the great British weather during summertime. Just as we start planning our outdoor activities and family get-togethers, the brooding clouds can form just as quickly!

Never a nation to be downtrodden, however, when the warm weather and sunshine does arrive on this fair isle, you’ll want to make the most of your gardens—and, high on the list of those beloved alfresco pursuit is the entertainment staple: the barbecue.

Establishing a dedicated area for cooking, dining and socialising is a glorious way to divide up your outdoor space, and with a few thoughtful additions and features, you can create the perfect BBQ-friendly zone for you and your guests.

Include some stylish shelving to your cooking area

It makes good sense to add plenty of storage to an outdoor cooking area. From a practical standpoint, you can keep all your condiments, cutlery, and barbecue tools in easy grabbing distance.

To add a dash of aesthetic charm to your space, you can make use of rustic wooden crates to store your BBQ paraphernalia in one place and create a functional area in which to grill up those delicious cuts of meat and vegetable accompaniments. 

Dividing your entertainment space into distinct zones can be achieved by carefully positioning your garden furniture and barbecue, ensuring to keep plenty of open space so that guests can mingle freely without risk of bumping into a dangerous open grill.

Create a natural space with terracotta planters and pots

To enhance the natural beauty of your BBQ space, and offer your guests a picturesque environment in which to relax and enjoy the splendors of your garden, why not include some large terracotta pots and planters—or even a traditional Italian-made urn or oil jar.

Aromatic flowers, stunning citrus fruit trees, colourful budding plant life, there are plenty of options to choose from. With the right kind of terracotta pot, you can add a wonderful sensory dimension to your surroundings.

traditional barbecue with terracotta pots
pizza oven with terracotta pots

Creative lighting

The thoughtful addition of outdoor lighting can completely transform a BBQ space; it’s an essential ingredient for setting the scene and creating a warm, cozy outdoor ambiance. Whether it's subtle hanging lights or a stylish lamp set on your garden table, the inclusion of lighting is important for establishing a sense of atmosphere.

Why not install lanterns at varying heights around your grilling and entertainment area? The feeling of intimacy and theatre will only be enhanced when the sun sets, and the soft iridescent glow will look marvelous set against the backdrop of your traditional Tuscan pots and planters

It’s also a good idea to invest in some practical task-lighting, so your cooking adventures can continue when the natural light begins to dwindle. Recessed spotlights, wall lights, and statement pendant lights can all be functional additions to your cooking zone.

Keep your herbs handy!

If you’re growing your own herbs outside, it makes good practical sense to have them in close reach of your grill station. 

Rosemary for your lamb, delicious aromatic fennel for your grilled fish, tarragon for your chicken. All these fundamental herbs can be grown in a carefully-selected terracotta pot which you can position in handy distance from your barbecue. No need for hikes to the bottom of your garden to pick from your herb garden, when you’ve got everything you need right there!

The beauty of keeping your herbs planted in a terracotta planter is that you can move them to maximise sunlight, or if you need to alter the set-up of your barbecue area.

How can we help?

If you’d like any advice on choosing the perfect terracotta urn, vase, jar, or pot for your BBQ space—for growing decorative plants or flavour-enhancing herbs—please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ve got a whole range of traditional handmade vessels to suit a variety of garden tastes and needs.

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