Can You Grow Roses in Large Terracotta Pots?

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rose in mud mountain pot

No classic country garden would be complete without the introduction of some quintessentially British plant life—and growing roses in large terracotta pots can be a rewarding and beautiful way to add some floral flair to your outdoor space throughout the year.

Why choose a large terracotta pot?

A large handmade Italian terracotta pot provides a variety of practical and aesthetic benefits; from its distinct traditional design, durability, and its innate ability to keep the soil at a consistent temperature. 

Meanwhile, growing roses in a terracotta pot offers almost complete freedom of movement in order to find the perfect spot in your outdoor space for this elegant garden feature.  

While the soil in smaller pots can often bake hard and deflect water from the surface of the soil, and, ultimately, the rose’s root system below, the carefully-positioned drainage holes in large terracotta pots allow excess water to escape. This not only provides your roses with ample room to grow, but also prevents the roots from becoming waterlogged. It's worth noting that terracotta is naturally porous, which will further mitigate the chances of your plant roots becoming saturated. Finally, we'd also recommend investing in some handmade pot feet to raise your planters off the ground and encourage the drainage process.

yellow rose in terracotta planter

Things to consider...

While roses will thrive in a terracotta pot, there are a few key considerations to be aware of when it comes to ensuring the best results.

It’s important to choose the right soil for your roses. Look for a well-draining soil mix that’s high in organic matter, such as compost or peat moss. Avoid, where possible, using regular garden soil, as it may not offer the necessary nutrients and drainage properties for your roses.

When planting, be sure to give your roses enough space to grow—a task made much easier with the use of extra large terracotta pots and planters. Place the bush in the centre of the pot and fill in around the roots with soil. Water the plant thoroughly and at regular intervals to keep the soil moist but not waterlogged.

Indeed, soil should be kept consistently moist throughout the growing season; the frequency of which will be dependent on both your soil type and the climate in which the roses are grown. 

Hot, dry, and windy conditions, for example, will necessitate more watering. A general rule of thumb to remember is that roses perform best with the equivalent of 1” of rainfall per week during the growing season. 

Also, ensure that your roses receive sufficient sunlight and are safeguarded against extreme temperatures. Try and expose your rose plant to at least six hours of sunlight per day, and move the pots to a sheltered area if temperatures drop below freezing.

With the right care and approach, your roses will thrive heartily in large terracotta pots and planters. Whether it’s a classic cherry red or a delicate white rose variety, these traditional pots offer an stylish and practical way to add vibrancy and colour to your garden space.

How can we help?

If you’d like any guidance on finding the best terracotta pot for your roses—or any other information on our handmade Italian pot range—please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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