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english garden with terracotta pots and furniture

There’s a sense of romanticism associated with the classic English cottage garden; a beautiful natural space populated with vibrant, aromatic flowers, rounded off with picket fences and neatly trimmed shrubs.

Historically, cottage country gardens were planted by British labourers who had modest amounts of land and little time to plant flowers and plant life. Instead, they would grow food for their families; vegetable patches, herbs and fruits, sprinkled with the odd flower to stave off the bugs. 

By the close of the eighteenth century, the aristocracy began to idealize the English cottage lifestyle and started designing their own interpretations of the classic blueprint. The British cottage garden then became the flower-laden setting we know and love today.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can be doing to create a country cottage garden aesthetic. 

Rustic stone terrace

Large flagstones are a great way to introduce some classic country charm into your garden space. From antique-finished limestones and marble to natural sandstones, they can be used for meandering garden paths or to create a beautiful terrace. Somewhere for you to soak up the summer sun and enjoy the bucolic vistas of your country garden. 

Add some romance with a feature archway

Whether breaking up a traditional fence or a stand-alone feature to frame a particularly elegant spot in the garden, an archway can be a wonderful addition to your outdoor space. Most often made from wrought iron or durable hardwood, flowers and plant life can creep up the arch’s frame for that classic country aesthetic. An archway will create an attractive centrepiece or an inviting entrance to another area of your garden. 

Vegetable and herb planters

Small terracotta pots are perfect for growing herbs and vegetables in your country garden—and, when sowed into sections, larger planters and bowls can make for wonderfully impactful displays for your budding crops.  

If you find that space is at a premium, however; perhaps your patio is already abundant with glorious earthenware, there’s a whole range of DIY alternatives you can use to grow your edible plant life. From vintage wooden crates to old steel watering cans; there’s a chance to get really creative with your herbs and vegetable planting.

gravel path with terracotta pots

Make a statement with a terracotta garden feature 

Handmade terracotta vases, urns, and jars can make for stunning garden features—as well as being ideal for planting a whole range of flowers and small trees. Traditionally, these vessels can be found in the sun-baked surroundings of the Mediterranean, but they are just as at home in a classic English country garden. They won’t fail to add a sense of drama and decadence to your outdoor space and will look stunning on patios, terraces, or flanking the entrance to your cottage.

Shade in the sun!

When you’re enjoying the seasonal perks of summer in your garden, an elegant wooden pergola will provide sanctuary from direct sunlight. A delightful place to relax while offering something in the way of privacy. Pergolas will perfectly accommodate your climbers, too; flowers can wind happily up the sides and between the roof frame to create an exquisite floral canopy.

Elegant planters

Large terracotta pots and planters placed on either side of your pathway will help draw the eye towards the heart of your garden, encouraging visitors to continue along the path into the depths of the elegant natural surroundings. Dramatic large-scale planters also offer plenty of visual impact and can accommodate practically anything in the way of plant life. A must-have investment for a classic country cottage garden.

english country garden
terracotta pots with dog statue

How can we help?

If you’d like any advice on choosing the perfect terracotta urn, vase, jar, or pot for your classic English country garden, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ve got a whole range of traditional handmade vessels to suit a variety of different garden styles and tastes.

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