Design a Patio Fit for a Mediterranean-Style Garden

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Mediterranean style patio

The popularity of Mediterranean-style gardens has soared in recent years with homeowners looking to infuse their outdoor spaces with the timeless appeal of the sun-drenched regions surrounding the Mediterranean Basin.

The Hampton Mediterranean Garden at RHS Chelsea Flower was a perfect showcase of the enduring allure of this design trend; a beautifully tranquil space, where the rich, earthy texture of the landscape combined elegantly with nature.

Meanwhile, the Mediterranean Garden at RHS Rosemoor is a wonderful source of inspiration for those looking to embrace this popular aesthetic—a natural landscape abundant with terracotta containers, dashes of colour and Italian cypress that might trick visitors into thinking they’d wandered into a vibrant Tuscan garden. 

So then, let’s take a look at some of the things to consider when creating a patio that embraces the design features of a Mediterranean garden.

Embrace the Mediterranean aesthetic

A Mediterranean-style garden should instantly transport you to the warm, history-rich landscapes of Italy, Greece, and Spain, and capturing this essence is key to designing an authentic patio. By incorporating a colour palette inspired by the Mediterranean region's natural beauty, using earthy tones like terracotta, warm yellows, and vibrant blues, you can achieve the desired effect. Use materials such as natural stone, gravel, and wood to add texture and visual charm to your patio's design.

Choose handmade terracotta pots

At the heart of a Mediterranean-style garden, a selection of large handmade terracotta pots can add depth, character, and cultural impact to your space. Artisan-crafted pots have gained recognition for their rustic elegance and ability to evoke a sense of Old World charm. To create a distinctive look, select handmade terracotta pots of various sizes and shapes. Their warm, earthy tones beautifully complement the vibrant colours of Mediterranean flora, adding character and visual interest to your patio.

Optimise sun exposure

Central to the Mediterranean climate is an abundance of sunlight. When planning your patio, ensure that your plants and terracotta pots receive optimal sun exposure. Choose a location that basks in full or partial sunlight throughout the day, allowing your Mediterranean plants to thrive in a warm and bright environment.

large rustic terracotta pots

Select Mediterranean-adapted plants

To create the Mediterranean aesthetic on your patio, incorporate plants that are well-suited to the climate. Mediterranean gardens are renowned for their resilient and drought-tolerant flora. Lavender, rosemary, bougainvillea, geraniums, and olive trees are all popular choices that infuse your patio with bursts of colour and captivating scents reminiscent of the region.

Create an inviting seating area

A Mediterranean-style patio invites relaxation and leisure. Design a seating area in which you and your family can unwind and immerse yourself in the beauty of your garden. Choose wrought iron or wooden furniture with plush cushions in vibrant tones. Perhaps consider adding a pergola or canopy draped with flowing fabrics to provide shade and create an intimate atmosphere.

Incorporate water features

Water features can be an integral part of your Mediterranean garden, offering a tranquil sensory element to your space. Consider installing a small fountain, a rustic stone birdbath, or a decorative mosaic-tiled water wall. The gentle sound of trickling water will transport you to the courtyards of the Mediterranean, creating a serene and captivating ambience.

Enhance with Mediterranean accents

Complete the Mediterranean look by incorporating decorative accents that reflect the culture and style of the region. Adorn tabletops or create stepping stones with colourful mosaic tiles, and introduce stone sculptures, wall hangings, or Mediterranean-inspired artwork to add personality to your space.

How can we help?

Designing a patio fit for a Mediterranean-style garden is an opportunity to create an enchanting outdoor sanctuary that captures the allure of the Mediterranean region. If you’d like any advice on choosing the perfect terracotta container for your patio or garden, please do get in touch.

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