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two large planters on decking

Recent times have seen the people of the UK become much more in tune with their gardens.

There's a widely-reported rise in the number of people looking to landscape their gardens, as well as a significant rise in the number of people searching for properties with outdoor spaces. 

For a while our gardens were the only place we could meet with loved ones, and that has inspired an ongoing collective desire to create beautiful, relaxing spaces as extensions of our homes. Here are some of our favourite ideas for creating a gorgeous garden you can really live in.

Follow the sunshine over the course of a day

The first thing to do is to plot where your garden gets the sunshine throughout the day. Are there areas that stay shady and cool? A space perfectly placed to make the most of the morning rays? A sunbather's paradise drenched in sun from morning to night? 

If you're looking to create the perfect outdoor dining area for social gatherings, for example, this might benefit from being in a shady area. If your idea of relaxation is lying back and soaking up the sun, then making sure you're making the most of the sunny spots is most important. 

Configuring your space to get the most out of it

Is your perfect idea of a garden somewhere spectacular for entertaining on a warm summer's evening? A sensory paradise, where you can curl up to read a good book with a cold drink in the dappled shade? Your very own Italian-style garden? Or are you looking to create something a bit different, like an area for a hot tub, or an outdoor cinema?

Creating an outdoor extension of your home is all about transforming a space that you're going to get the most use out of.

Start thinking interiors outdoors

One way to come up with garden styling ideas that don't feel that different to an interior design approach, is to stop thinking about there being a physical barrier between indoors and outdoors once you cross the threshold of the back door.

You can think of things you like from inside your home and replicate them outdoors for a garden that represents your personal style just as much as your home's interior.


Rather than starting with a traditional garden setup of four chairs, a table, and a parasol because that's what you think you should be doing, really consider how you'll be using your seating before you commit to a purchase.

Whether you choose a big dining table and chairs for joyous get-togethers, a couple of sun loungers to relax in, or a comfortable corner sofa perfect for good coffee and long chats; make your furniture work for you, and you'll want to use it at every available opportunity.

Through the window

To create a seamless transition between your garden and home, it's also important to turn the above on its head and think about the view you have of your garden from inside. This can really help inform you where to place more dramatic garden decor like water features, statues, or floral displays in large pots in order to make the biggest impact from differing window views.

garden furniture with large planters
wooden garden furniture with planter in distance

Soft furnishings

Garden furniture doesn't have to be stark and linear. With a rise in the number of people looking to make the most of their outdoor spaces, there are a huge number of options when it comes to soft furnishings to dress your space.

Whether you want to add a splash of vibrant colour, or more calming and muted tones, outdoor cushions and rugs are a great way to add a touch of design flair. Not only are they durable and easy to clean, they can instantly transform a garden from stark and utilitarian, to cosy and inviting.

Think indoor plants, outdoors

Indoor plants aren't just for interiors. Many indoor plants will do absolutely fine outdoors in the UK during warmer months, and they can be a great way to add a pop of interest to outdoor seating areas. 

From patio lemon trees to big-leaved plants suited to warmer climes, for plants that prefer free-draining soil our decorative terracotta pots and planters are a fantastic choice, they'll look just as good in the conservatory over winter as they do on a summer patio. 


Thinking carefully about lighting is another sure fire way to make outdoor spaces your own.

Solar powered lights give off a softer, gentler light perfect for dotting through colourful borders, or lining the edge of meandering pathways. Emulating the stars, fairy light add twinkly mystique as the night falls, and outdoor citronella candles help keep insects at bay while taking your garden seamlessly from day to night, making the very most out of late summer evenings.

How can we help?

Knowing where to start can be really daunting, but we say start with what you love! If something from one of our ranges speaks to you, get in touch.

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