Exploring Garden Trends For 2023

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flowers in large terracotta pots in a pretty garden with autumnal trees in the background

In the same way interior design trends spark waves of inspiration in home renovation circles, garden trends are now a hugely popular focus for those who love nothing more than creating the perfect, individually-styled outdoor space.

While our gardens remain precious havens for a broad range of pursuits in our daily lives—a place to relax, entertain, work and dine—so does our quest to tailor each element to suit our needs become even more important. Let’s take a look at some of the latest garden trends and see how you might implement them.

Colour of the year...terracotta!

At Cultivate’22, the green-industry must-attend event held in Columbus, Ohio, Katie Dubow, president of Garden Media Group, announced that terracotta is the colour of the year. A warming tone that conjures the spirit of a wide variety of cultures and natural environments; from the sun-baked plazas of the Mediterranean to the ancient Paracas civilization of South America.

A surefire way of achieving this sandy neutral tone within your garden space is with the careful placement of terracotta pots. Whether it’s flanking a winding gravel path, or housing some of your favourite easy-upkeep evergreen shrubs on the patio, a selection of handmade Italian pots and planters will help you execute the vibrant aesthetic you’re looking for.

Mediterranean gardens

Greek and Italian-inspired gardens are this year’s trending outdoor design theme. Taking influence from the beauty and historic romanticism associated with the region—from statues and stoneware, traditional Italian urns, oil jars and stone archways, to elegant yet uniform shrubbery and plant life—these classic visual features are ones that have stood the test of time. 

A Mediterranean garden can also include raised beds and patios, as well as climbing plants that spring from terracotta pots and crawl over archways and walls. Wrought-iron patio sets are also a wise choice; a mixture of elegant design and hard-wearing physical properties needed for outdoor dining.

gravel path and statue
A collection of large terracotta pots

Creating a garden sanctuary

The emergence of well-being spaces has increased in popularity in the last couple of years, as we embrace the idea of our gardens becoming places of sanctuary and peace during challenging times. Indeed, any outdoor space, no matter how large or small, can be somewhere to immerse ourselves in nature and improve our state of mind. 

Chelsea Flower Show now hosts a separate category for sanctuary gardens; showcasing outdoor spas, carbon-neutral cabins, and Swiss-inspired gardens mixing alpines and Mediterranean planting. We can introduce these kinds of calming elements in our gardens with water features, soft colour palettes and by establishing beautiful enclosed areas, furnished with stunning handmade terracotta pots and rich, colourful plant life…for those much-needed moments of serenity.

Gravel paths and statement pieces

With low-maintenance and sustainability now high on the agenda for modern garden design, concrete and paving slabs are no longer the go-to choices for path construction. Instead, there is a noticeable trend towards using gravel, wood chip and other natural materials to create that organic look. Not only is a low-maintenance gravel path economical, simple to use, and great for drainage, it also provides a beautiful natural feature on which to place your terracotta pots and planters. 

There’s also a rise in opting for large statement pieces in your outdoor spaces. Whether that’s extra large terracotta pots on your patio or striking ornate sculptures, using statement pieces gives you an excellent point of focus for your garden landscape

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