How Adding Large Terracotta Pots to Your Garden Can Change the Landscape

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flowers in large terracotta pots in a pretty garden with autumnal trees in the background

The winds of autumn are blowing, and the season of change is well underway. As our gardens transition from summer brights and vibrant blooms to fiery autumnal foliage, it's a great time to think about how we'd like it to look next year.

Looking ahead to next year's planting might seem premature, but it certainly comes around quickly. Whether you want to completely change up your outdoor space in its entirety, or have a nondescript corner you'd like to transform into a fabulous feature there are so many options. 

Creating your own slice of Italy, planting a country cottage garden, creating a barbecue area that's perfect for entertaining when warmer weather rolls around, or just being more intentional with your garden design are all things you can start planning now. At this stage it's often easy to overlook the finishing touches to take your garden from "oooh" to "wow!", and although we might be slightly biased, we think terracotta pots are a great way to add visual interest, warmth, structure, and history to any garden. 

History of our terracotta pots

Great garden design isn't just about it looking nice, it's about creating a space that makes you feel nice when you're in it. If you're looking to add some age and some depth to your space, then feature pots are a great option. 

We travel to Italy to source our pots from artisan Tuscan potteries where they're all handmade using methods and skills passed down through generations. There's something really special about knowing exactly where your pots have come from, and that they would have been made exactly the same way hundreds of years ago! 

Of course, if you really want to add some Italian history to your outdoor space, why not consider an antique oil jar? Our collection of antique orci contain items dating back as far as 1815. The stories they would tell if only they could talk!

An all-weather feature

One of the things that makes terracotta pots so versatile, is the fact that they stand out and look great in all weathers. One of the biggest misconceptions people have, is that they won't withstand the cold weather. In fact, due to the ancient process used to craft the type of pots we sell, including the special type of Galestro clay and the extremely high temperatures they're fired at, when our large terracotta pots are maintained properly they can withstand temperatures to -20 degrees.

Large terracotta pots with blue sky and early autumnal trees in the background
A collection of large terracotta pots


It can be a challenge knowing what to plant in a terracotta pot.

Large terracotta pots are especially good for planting slow-growing or dwarf tree varieties, especially if they flourish in soil different to what you already have available in your garden.

They also look absolutely stunning when planted with colourful displays, or plants with striking, structural foliage. There are no hard and fast rules, but it's important to consider how big your plant is going to get, and how much space it's going to need for its roots. This will determine what sized pot you need, to ensure your plants have enough room to flourish.

How can we help?

Another reason it's a great time to think about this, is because we currently have a great range available to choose from. Please don't leave it until next summer and end up disappointed that your favourite pot is no longer available! Would you like any help choosing what's best for your garden? Please do get in touch.

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