Low-Maintenance Gravel Garden Design

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wooden bench and pots on gravel

For lovers of the great outdoors and the joys of gardening—but less keen on the often arduous task of garden maintenance—gravel is a great investment for both aesthetic and practical purposes.

Not only can this natural resource reduce your garden upkeep, it’s also extremely economical and simple to use. For transforming your garden spaces, drives, and decorative areas for your terracotta pots and planters, gravel won’t fail to offer a neat, low-maintenance design solution.

Cost-effective, low-maintenance

If you’re looking to create a functional and attractive outdoor space but do not have the time or energy to tend to grass and high-maintenance bedding areas, gravel is the answer. It’s economical, easy to distribute, and requires little in the way of upkeep throughout the year. As long as you’ve got a hosepipe handy, for the occasional rinse, keeping your garden in tip-top shape will become a wonderfully stress-free experience. 

Natural drainage 

If your garden has a tendency to retain water once the dependably damp British weather kicks in, gravel’s non-porous qualities offer a great drainage solution. Say goodbye to soggy, waterlogged lawns, protect your pots and planters, and let gravel naturally soak away the unwanted deluge. 

A multipurpose aggregate 

Gravel is a hugely versatile product, one that offers both decorative and functional characteristics. Indeed, there’s a range of creative ways in which gravel can be used—and a whole scope of different sizes, shapes, and colours to ensure your garden space works exactly for your needs and style choices. 

Whether it’s an elegant base for your handmade oil jars, vases and urns, for a neat driveway, or a border for your pond, gravel can provide an effective, simple-to-maintain design option. As well as the visual qualities, it’s worth remembering that gravel is exceptionally hard-wearing, offering less in the way of upkeep and repairs compared to a more expensive alternative.

Security measures 

There’s also an added security feature associated with choosing gravel. Together with the aesthetic and practical considerations, gravel can act as a natural burglar deterrent. Thanks to the unmistakable crunching sound that gravel makes when it’s stepped on, it works as an effective, inexpensive security solution. Keep your house safe, and discourage unwanted guests in your garden looking for valuables sculptures, furniture, or decorative flower pots.

large terracotta pot on gravel
terracotta pots on gravel with paving slabs

How can we help?

So, if you’re not the biggest lover of the general day-to-day upkeep of your garden—or simply don’t have the time in your busy schedule—a good quality stone aggregate might just be the low-maintenance option for you. If you’d like to find out more about our extensive range of terracotta pots and planters, that'll sit happily on your newly-designed garden space, please get in touch.

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