Planting an Olive Tree

Although our largest terracotta pots can be used for multiple planting applications, a very common one is a large olive tree display. Olives suit container planting very well, as they can cope well with having their roots constrained. So in this article, we will pass on some top tips for the planting process, assuming you have already purchased a tree.

Choosing the terracotta pot. Of course, you can plant a large tree in most of our pot styles however, some lend themselves to this application better than others. Popular customer choices are Cilindro Grande, Conca Siena, Bassa Liscia and Vaso Imprunetino. Whichever you choose you should allow room for root growth. As a guide a tree in a nursery pot 60cm internal diam. and  48cm high would step up to a terracotta pot 80cm internal diam. and 58cm high. Have an eye on the aesthetics too, see pics below. We are happy to give advice on this to help you decide.

Proper planning... Like most projects, the planting of a large tree into a terracotta pot is easier if you have planned ahead. Below are some items you will need and some things to consider before you start:

  • Drainage medium, eg terracotta crocks, pea gravel or a mix of both.
  • Geotextile for lining the pot, (we supply this free with a pot purchase).
  • Enough compost, as not quite enough is frustrating (John Innes No3 for a mature tree). We can let you know the volume by litre of your chosen pot.
  • Some horticultural grit to add to compost; to aid drainage.
  • Some decorative topping, this also has a practical function explained here.
  • An agreed position for the pot and tree.

Planting the tree. We appreciate that there are different ways to achieve the same goal, you can see our advice on the planting process here. In addition to this advice you should also make sure you have enough help to

Posted by Lorrayne Scott-Collins on January 19th 2021

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