Stock Update

It's fair to say that since the Pandemic reared its ugly head, the whole process of ordering, producing and shipping our handmade terracotta pots from Italy has been rather.... um, shall we politely say, challenging! Combined with the mayhem that shippers have faced following Brexit and the new customs clearance rules and regulations and it's no surprise we have found ourselves, for the very first time since we started trading some 14 years ago, incredibly short of stock.

Last year, we had envisaged problems and, in anticipation of shipping nightmares, decided to bring an arctic of stock across from Italy in December. Not the ideal time of year to be unloading some 400 pots by hand in minus temperatures and icy conditions, but we are thankful we made that decision as we have been able to supply our customers throughout the tough times during lockdown and bring some peace and inner calm to outdoor spaces that became more and more important as the restrictions went on.

Although we had placed our stock replenishment orders with plenty of notice in usual times, of course, we are living in very unusual times. It would be fair to say that with the best will in the world, we haven't been able to second guess the havoc wreaked by Covid and how it would affect our business. Still, we are very mindful that we are one of the lucky ones who have been able to continue trading throughout these difficult times, and for that, we are very grateful, but we have now found ourselves with hardly any pots left to sell!

Sadly, as we have all seen in the news, our colleagues in Italy have had a really tough time dealing with the results of the pandemic. Still, they have been amazing in their determination to continue to supply us with the beautiful handmade pots of the same quality as we have become accustomed too and we sincerely take our hats off to them.

We have had a minor blip in the last week in that one of the potters, unfortunately, has tested positive for Covid, with the other nine potters all having to quarantine for ten days. This has obviously brought the whole process to a standstill, and we sympathise with these families and the pottery whose business will be massively affected at what is their busiest time of the year.

Unfortunately, this has resulted in our delivery, which was due to leave Italy this week, being delayed until the lads are all safely back to work and can play catch up with the outstanding production and careful packaging of our order. However, all is not lost, as although slightly delayed, we are still expecting two articulated lorries full of fabulous terracotta pots to be arriving with us in June so in plenty of time to enjoy planting them up and sitting in your outdoor sanctuary during what we hope will be a radiant Summer!

Importantly, if you haven't already, please get in touch to secure your pots from the new stock arriving as many popular designs are already low on availability due to pre-reservations. 

Posted by Lorrayne Scott-Collins on May 12th 2021

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