Transform Your Garden This Spring with Antique Oil Jars and Stoneware

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antique terracotta oil jar

The clocks will soon be rolling back, Easter is just a few days away, and spring is alive with colour and vibrant plant life. Now is the perfect time to think about your gardens and start creating a stylish, visually beautiful space in which to spend those warm afternoons outdoors.

To help create a stunning Mediterranean aesthetic, evoking the history and heritage of a traditional Italian garden, investing in an antique oil jar or stoneware piece is a great way of adding character and rustic charm to your space. Instantly elevating your garden to a place you’ll want to visit time and again.

Find a unique stoneware piece for your garden

To find a truly unique garden feature that will complement your garden and your individual tastes, we have a beautiful range of vintage and antique decorations to suit any number of garden designs and layouts.   

From a stunning terracotta table and bench — which will instantly transform your patio into an outdoor dining space reminiscent of a Tuscan courtyard — to hand-carved granite sculptures that make for wonderfully unique garden centrepieces, there’s something to suit everyone.  Pedestal bird baths, oriental sundials, cast stone planters, stone obelisks; our collection is full of truly one-of-a-kind treasures. Stoneware pieces, each with their own rich and storied past, offering an elegant and eye-catching aesthetic to your garden for years to come.

Cast Stone Roman Bust on Elizabethan Pedestal
Sandstone Reeded Vase & Ornamental Plinth

The rustic charm of an antique oil jar

Antique oil jars will add character to any garden setting. Traditionally used for storing essentials like oil and wine, these terracotta vessels now serve as captivating garden features. Functional yet beautiful, with their elegant decorations, raised bands, and ornate handles, terracotta jars are a piece of garden decor that bring traditional aesthetics to the modern garden. Originally to be found in the stunning gardens of an ancient Italian family’s estate, our stunning range of antique Orci are remarkable examples of artisan craftsmanship at its finest.

Circa 1815 Hand Scribed Antique Orcio
Initialed Olive Jar with Rosette Boss

Crafting your own garden story

If your mind is set on garden design this spring, an investment in antique oil jars and stoneware can be a wonderful contribution to its natural transformation. True embodiments of artisan craftsmanship and heritage to elevate your garden. Take a look through our fabulous collection, discounted for a limited time only, and complete your spring garden.

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