Why Your Garden Needs an Antique Oil Jar

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antique terracotta oil jar

A handmade Italian antique oil jar is a wonderful way of adding depth, character, and a touch of rustic charm to your garden space — and, with some amazing discounts across the whole range this month, there’s never been a better time to invest in these unique outdoor features.

While our minds begin to look ahead to the warmer seasons, when time spent in the garden is time well spent, a beautiful ornamental centrepiece can tell stories of a bygone era, making your outdoor spaces visually appealing, full of rich design tradition and culture.

Artisan craftsmanship and Italian heritage

The antique Orci in our collection, some of which date back to 1815, are true relics of Italian history, each with its own unique story. Originally used to store and transport essentials like oil and wine, these terracotta jars were functional yet beautiful, often adorned with simple decorations like raised bands to ensure a better grip. Today, while they may no longer serve their original purpose, they continue to captivate as garden decor, bringing traditional aesthetics to modern outdoor spaces.

orcio antique oil jars
orcio antique oil jar in the garden

Exclusive collection from Mud Mountain

Our exclusive collection of antique Orci was acquired from the ancestral estate of one renowned Italian family. These authentic oil jars could be found in the stunning gardens of their property, before arriving gratefully into our hands at the time of the estate owner's passing. Each oil jar is a genuine relic from an ancient Italian house, a truly remarkable example of artisan craftsmanship for your garden. 

Take advantage of our exclusive offer today

Now you too can create that authentic Mediterranean aesthetic in your garden by incorporating one of these exquisite pieces into the natural landscape. Owning an authentic, unique, prized piece of Italian history, not easily found in the UK, is an opportunity not to miss. So why not explore our fabulous collection of antique oil jars — discounted for a limited period — and complete your garden in time for spring. 

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