Orcio Toscano & Giara (olive jars)

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The orcio is one of the key articles in the production of terracotta pots. It is a kind of amphora, but with a fuller-bodied shape and more ornate decorations. The orcio has a substantial, rotund shape and is usually characterised by two or more bands embracing its generous belly. There are two handles on the upper part and the belly can be covered in decorations, festoons or plaques indicating the craftsman who produced the piece.

It is thought to have first appeared in the historical residences of the noble families of cities such as Florence and Siena around 1600. An object that was undoubtedly used as a garden ornament but also, in the case of its close relative the ziro, to hold oil.  We can now say that the classical Tuscan orcio is a unique object that epitomises all the tradition and history of Tuscan terracotta.
External (widest point) cm Internal (top) cm Height cm Price
Orcio Piccolo 65 36 70 £435
Orcio Medio 75 39 80 £545
Orcio Grande 90 46 100 £1150
Giara Liscia (aged) 58 70 £395
Giara Rosa (aged) 64 70 £435
Giara con Festone (aged) 72 80 £645
Giare Rosa (aged) 82 90 £950
Giara con Festone (aged) 82 90 £950
Giara Rosa 92 100 £1150

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