Antique Oil Jar Collection

We are delighted to have secured this amazing collection of antique orci with the grateful help from one of our potteries in Impruneta, Tuscany.

These items of Italian history are quite astonishing and date back as far as 1815 with a stunning orcio made by Falchini which is still in superb condition. The complete collection of 14 olive jars were made in Impruneta by old artisan families such as the renowned Agresti, Malavolti, Falchini & Vanni families.  With the exception of the Agresti family fornace, all of these Kiln dynasties have now sadly disappeared due to the sons of the artisan not continuing with the profession of ‘fonacino’ and subsequently, these pieces of pottery have become highly prized and are desirable collector's items.

Our collection was created piece by piece by the ancestors of one family during the 1900s and all of these exquisite orci adorned the huge gardens of their property which in itself is an ancient house of importance in Impruneta.  These pieces have remained in place until the death of the curator at which time the remaining family decided to sell the complete collection so they may be enjoyed by new owners for many more years to come.

We are thrilled to offer these items for sale and hope you enjoy their beauty as much as we do.

Antique Orcio Collection

This video provides a walking tour and a closer look at our stunning Antique Orcio Collection and was filmed on site in Impruneta, Italy the first time the collection in its entirity was seen.   If you would like to know any specific details about the collection, please ask us. 

Orcio 13

Orcio 13 - £2,850

A large Orcio with a coat of arms and stamped Montecchio.

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Orcio 1

Orcio 1 - £6,400

Stamped Di Carlo Vanni e Antonio Figlio - Impruneta. This piece would have been produced between 1834 and 1868

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Orcio 11

Orcio 11 - £6,750

Orcio stamped Marsilio Falchini with a date inscribed by hand.

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Orcio 12

Orcio 12 - £4,950

A very large Orcio with beautiful patination and aging.

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Orcio 7

Orcio 7 - £5,200

Antique Orcio made in the Agresti kiln during the 1800s.

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Orcio 2

Orcio 2 - £4,800

Stamped with the pottery name; Giovanni Malavolti. This kiln operated in Impruneta during the late 1800s.

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Orcio 8

Orcio 8 - £5,800

Stamped with the Kiln name: Giovanni Malavolti, Impruneta. This kiln operated during the late 1800s.

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Orcio 4

Orcio 4 - £2,980

A tall, slim Orcio with high handles and 2 bands.

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Orcio 9

Orcio 9 - £6,250

A large Orcio stamped Virgilio e Carlo Agresti.

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Orcio 10

Orcio 10 - £3,500

From an estate collection in Impruneta, all pieces in the collection pre-date 1920.

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With Mud Mountain found I was quickly engaged in conversation and it was clear to me that they knew exactly what they were talking about and knew what would work for me in finding the right solution.

The whole experience of purchase was seamless as was the delivery right to my door and the Pots have not disappointed they are well made and are stunning from every angle .

I would highly recommend Mud Mountain to anyone that is looking for stunning and authentic terracotta pots you simply will not be disappointed and you will be the envy of everyone that sees them.

Perry Rigler, West Sussex

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