Decorated Terracotta Pots

A selection of ornate pots, planters, vases and urns.

Originally terracotta pots and urns were functional items and lacked decoration. The pots were used predominantly for nursery planting or plant transportation and the urns to store oils, wine, and fruits such as olives. As terracotta became used more in a garden setting, the artisan potteries began adding decoration, either a generic fruit and leaf swag with a boss, their own pottery design or a bespoke piece with family emblems.

Today our range of decorated terracotta pots offers plenty of choices, from simple foglie (leaf) bands on the pot shoulder to the highly ornate Conca Duchessa skillfully produced by the Master Potter. A mix of plain and decorated planters can make for stunning displays, especially as the terracotta ages.

About our Range of Decorated Terracotta Pots

Decorated terracotta pots are commonly seen across Italy and widely used to enhance not only formal gardens but shopping areas, restaurants and piazzas across the nation. 

Suited in the UK to both formal and informal gardens, our selection of decorated terracotta pots ranges from a modest and discreet leaf design to extravagantly designed and skilfully made terracotta pots, which will draw the eye and become a talked-about centrepiece. One carefully positioned, highly decorated terracotta pot can create a big statement and bring a touch of opulence to your outdoor living area.

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