Discounted, Ex Display & End of Range

We occasionally have a few pots which have arrived from Italy with very slight flaws in them or have sustained a bump or bruise during their long journey to us.  

There are also times when we are left with a few pots in a design that we won’t be continuing with or the potteries have retired the mould so we cant get anymore of them and occasionally we will  sell ex display pots which are normally nicely aged.  More often than not it will be either a one off pot or perhaps a few of the same design, but these gems will all end up on our discounted pots page. 

It’s important to note that we will not sell any pots that aren’t ‘sound’ but they are all sold on an as seen, non returnable basis.  

Keep popping back to this page ... we never know when it will have additions but it really is a great opportunity to grab yourself a bargain!

Conca Classica

Conca Classica

This is a newly made favourite design Classica pot which has a few firing cracks on the main body, a couple which have been filled and ragged over by the potter. All minor blemishes which are barely noticeable on such a large pot and will quickly cover once planted and with the natural ageing of the planter. The pot is totally sound.

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