Low Terracotta Pots

Our range of low pots is ideal for floral planting and grouping with taller pots.

Our range of low terracotta pots is ideal for many planting types and can bring an interesting variation to your garden design. Low pots are often used for Olive trees in the Mediterranean, and, as many designs have a wide base, can give good stability for even the larger trees. The Ciotola bowl-shaped design is particularly popular for succulents or to plant a floral display, becoming a miniature garden within a garden. As with all terracotta containers, it is important to allow good drainage and protect the pot's bottom from soil moisture, so use pot feet for the flatter-based pots, or terracotta stands can be supplied with the larger Ciotola style for added protection. 

About Our Range of Low Terracotta Pots 

We select our low terracotta pots for practical and aesthetic reasons. To specifically suit those shallow rooting plants and to introduce various heights into a display of terracotta pots.  Often overlooked as part of a garden design, a low terracotta planter can make an immediate impact and bring more interest to an outdoor space. 

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