Square Terracotta Pots

We have selected some of the more unusual shapes of terracotta planters for this range.

We have selected some of the more unusual shapes of planters for this range. Coupled with their aesthetic beauty, they have added benefits as they will sit flat against walls or fit snugly into corners making the most of small gardens and outdoor areas such as balconies where space is of a premium.

Many of the planters in this range are well suited to a terrace or balcony setting whilst still being sizeable planters with good depth and offering plenty of planting room. A mix of these shapes enables them to be used to great effect and are a fabulous choice for wall climbers, creating a boundary with hedging and, when planted with topiary, make stunning entrance displays.



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About Our Range of Square Terracotta Planters

Not every garden and outdoor area are suitable for the more traditional shape of terracotta pots, so we have selected various designs to help fit into those more challenging areas. Flat backed terracotta pots are a popular choice and a great option if space is tight. A square or angular terracotta pot can fit well against walls without protruding too much, and in a balcony garden or terrace garden is often all that is needed to create a stunning display.

We hope to think that there is a terracotta pot for every occasion within or full range, but please contact us if you have a specific requirement, and we will try to find a solution.

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