Tall Terracotta Pots

Tall pots for deep-rooted plants and adding height to displays.

A tall pot can enhance your garden space by adding height and interest, drawing the eye to a particularly attractive area or drawing the eye away from a less favoured part of the garden (we all have them!) When positioning a tall planter in a group of pots against a wall or fence and planting with tall plants, it will be best placed at the back not to block light and air from its lower neighbours. If you are grouping in an open area, then tall pots look great taking centre stage.

Care must be taken not to plant with top-heavy plants in tall, narrow pots as they are less stable than low planters but can look stunning with a cascade of trailing plants or with climbers that need the extra space for their roots. Just one tall pot can easily bring elegance to your outdoor space, look super in pairs on either side of entranceways, and if you have the room, can create an impressive effect if several are positioned in a linear display.



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About Our Range of Tall Terracotta Pots

Tall terracotta pots and planters are a firm favourite with our customers and us. Bringing both height and elegance to the garden and versatile enough to host various planting applications. Clustering terracotta pots is a technique used by many garden designers, and adding a tall terracotta pot in the mix helps create an exciting and impactful display. 

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