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We hope to bring you ideas and add inspiration to your garden design, and our range of clay pots and planters have been carefully chosen to suit a wide variety of garden styles and planting applications; from a simple flower pot style to a highly decorated statement piece and with a fabulous selection of shapes & sizes. Enjoy choosing and then sit back, relax and enjoy the real beauty of handmade terracotta.

About Our Terracotta Pots & Planters

Clay is the raw material, and terracotta is the finished product. As well as the production method and the firing cycle, other factors ensure the quality of a terracotta pot and possibly the most important of these is the quality of the clay. The raw material used by our potters is Galestro, which is found naturally in clay sediments in Tuscany in the upper layers of the earth.

Beginning as grey rock and then finely ground in mills, it is then down to the experience of the kiln man and his skill in combining the water and powder, which results in this clay, prized for its high resistance to the elements and aesthetic beauty. Particularly high in organic quality, the calcium salts and carbonate components allow the finished articles to be both permeable and porous, which for containers of earth are especially important. The unmistakable red of terracotta comes from the iron oxide, and once fired, the dark grey clay takes on an attractive rosy red colour with white shades. We take great care and delight in selecting a range of terracotta pots that will suit various styles of gardens and outdoor spaces. Whichever plant pot you choose, you can be assured of the quality, and we are confident that your pot, vase, urn or olive jar will give you much pleasure for many years to come.

We have a range of helpful articles across our website that may help you in your decision of what pot is best for you. You might wish to look at our frequently asked questions about Terracotta Pots.

"We were quite literally over the moon."

"All of their unique terracotta pots are sourced from an authentic Tuscany manufacturer of terracotta who've been in the industry for years and years. When we received the first of our four pots we were quite literally over the moon."

"These pots are forever pots and you never get bored of looking at them. Yes Mud Mountain was an excellent choice and look forward to adding to our already growing collection. Also the whole experience was a good one and Lorrayne is quite simply a pleasure to deal with."


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