Conca Classica

A real opportunity to get a reduced priced collection of 4 pots in this favourite design .. one large two medium and one small. On the large (80cm) there is a small firing crack which has been filled by the potter and a couple of other firing cracks on th main body of the pot. All minor blemishes which are barely noticeable on such a large pot and will quickly cover with the natural ageing of the planter! Two medium size pots (60cm) available one has a small divot in the rim most probably caused by the potters finishing tool prior to firing and the second pot has some markings on the rim where the potter has not finished off smoothly. The smaller pot (54cm) has a minor chip on the underside of the rim which will easily sand down and will be hard to see once planted. All pots are totally sound. *UPDATE both 60cm pots and 54cm pot now sold.
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