Orcio 11

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This Orcio is the oldest that is dated within the whole Impruneta collection. It has a name stamped Marsillio Falchini and an inscribed date which could be either 1815 or 1825.

We know a significant kiln dynasty named Falcaini produced from the 1600s, but cannot confirm that this was produced at their kiln as the name is somewhat different. It has brown glaze internally, so it may have been a commission for a wine producer of that name to be used for vinification/aging.

This Orcio has a light patina with moderate aging, so may have been kept in a sheltered position or perhaps indoors for some time before making its way to the estate gardens. For a piece that is probably over 200 years old, this orcio is in amazing condition—a real piece of Italian history.

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