Orcio 13

Price each

From an estate collection in Impruneta, all pieces in the collection predated 1920.

Stamped Montecchio with an interesting Coat of Arms topped with a helmet. The arms are quartered; in the top left an eagle, top right a crescent with 3 stars, the bottom left holds 3 maybe 4 towers and the bottom right 2 crescents. Although there are several towns called Montecchio, none have this coat of arms; however, there is also a Fattoria Montecchio in San Donato Poggio, just south of Florence which also operated a fornace (kiln) from 1848 and still use terracotta vessels for wine aging which could possibly be its origins. 

 The interior of this orcio is glazed, and the tap hole has been sealed suggesting indoor use for display or as a container.  So although over 100 years of age, there is little aging or weathering to this orcio. A truly delightful jar and particularly unusual on account of its clean condition.

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