Terracotta Garden Furniture




Our stunning Italian terracotta tables and benches are hand made from high quality and durable Galestro clay …. these pieces take time, skill and patience to produce and therefore are not available in large supply.  This season we have been able to secure two sets which we are delighted offer for sale from stock.

Both sets are of classical design and would sit well on a terrace, in a gazebo or as part of a Mediterranean garden. Truly individual and rarely found in the UK, these beautiful garden furniture sets will increase in value over time and are tomorrows antiques.




Hand thrown in Impruneta clay these terracotta wine bottles are a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of the Tuscan potters. The bottles can be glazed internally (lead free) for alimentary use, or Al Naturale; without glaze. Either style will not allow loss of wine through the terracotta.  Again they a rare find in the UK and make wonderfully unusual gifts.


Length cm width cm Height cm Price (set)
Rectangular Table 122 81 80 £3650
Rectangular Bench 114 27 35
Round Table 122 diam 80 £4850
Oval Bench 140 60 47
Impruneta Bottles 9 30 £40 + P&P