How to Select a Colour Palette for Your Garden Design

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A lovely summer garden with blue sky and colourful flowers

As the weather warms up and we spend more time outdoors, it’s natural to start thinking about how to spruce up our gardens. One important aspect of garden design that often gets overlooked, is selecting a colour scheme, something that can really bring your space to life! Here are some tips on selecting a colour scheme to make your outdoor space pop.

Consider the style of your home

This is a great starting point. Ideally, the colour scheme of your garden should complement the style of your home. Red brick older buildings often suit warmer, earthier tones while those with more modern homes might opt for a cooler colour palette. If you’re looking for accessories, stoneware can be a great way to mix modern cool grey tones, with characterful garden ornamentation.

Draw inspiration from nature

Mother nature is an excellent source of inspiration when it comes to colour schemes. If you love a particular flower, or have a special view overlooking the sea you like to visit, think about how you can emulate those colours with your planting scheme and accessories. Colour can invoke feelings, so getting inspiration from somewhere meaningful to you is a great way to go about creating a space that you love to spend time in. If you're looking for ideas, definitely take a wander around some big stately gardens, you might not have room to plant 10,000 tulips, but you can definitely take inspiration from aspects of the design - especially when it comes to colour.

Think about the mood you want to create

Different colours can create different moods within a space. For example, red is a bold and energetic colour that can add excitement to your garden, while blue is calming and tranquil. Consider how you intend to use the space, whether there’s going to be lots of entertaining, or you’re going to be lounging outside with a book for most of the summer - this will help you think about the sort-of mood you want to evoke with your planting.

Some pastel coloured tulips with a colour palette underneath
Some pink and purple flowers with a colour palette underneath

Create a seasonal space for year-round enjoyment

One of the great things about gardens is that they’re always evolving. When it comes to plants, you don’t have to stick to just one palette. In the spring you might opt for bulbs that have beautiful pastel colours, while the autumn might see a focus shift to red and auburn foliage for warmer, richer tones. 

Don’t forget about texture

Alongside colour, texture is an important element of garden design that can add depth and interest to your colour scheme. From swooshy grasses, to soft clover, and earthy terracotta - think about how varying textures can complement the colours you’re adding to your garden.

A selection of varying-sized terracotta pots and a variety of flowers including lavendar

How can we help?

When it comes to selecting a colour scheme for your garden, there are endless possibilities - not only with plants, but with pots and other accessories. Terracotta makes for a beautiful and vibrant canvas to work with and add planting to, whether you want to create a bold and vibrant space for socialising or a calm and soothing oasis, there’s a colour scheme that will work for you. So take some time to explore your options and get creative with your garden design! If you’d like any further advice or guidance on choosing an Italian-made terracotta pot for your garden, please do get in touch.

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