Oil Jars, Vases & Urns

A collection of decorative terracotta jars & urns that make stunning centrepieces.

Terracotta jars were historically used to store and transport liquids such as oil & wine and so were glazed on the inside.  Decorations were often limited to raised bands that served a practical function as the bands made it possible to lift and move the object by guaranteeing a better grip. Nowadays, the jars are mainly produced for gardening and decor purposes without the need for glazing. Although usually limited to this style of terracotta container, any decoration is more for the enjoyment of the owner than for any practical use.



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About Our Oil Jars, Vases & Urns

The orcio is one of the key articles in the production of terracotta pots and is thought to have first appeared in the historical residences of the noble families of cities such as Florence and Siena around 1600.  It is a kind of amphora, but with a fuller-bodied shape and more ornate decorations with two handles on the upper part.  Its substantial, rotund shape is usually characterised by two or more bands embracing its generous belly, which can be covered in decorations, festoons or plaques indicating the craftsman who produced the piece.

It would be fair to say that the classical Tuscan orcio is a unique object that epitomises all the tradition and history of Tuscan terracotta and as decorative objects of art, terracotta jars, vases & urns lend grace and are often used as the centre of gravity in any room or garden.  We are delighted to have a fabulous selection of these Italian jars in various shapes and sizes, as well as our unique antique collection, which can be viewed here.

"You are in for a very special service."

"When you contact Mud Mountain for your Garden Pots or Urns you are in for a very special service.
We have purchased three Large Pots and one large Urn and the help we got from the beginning was fantastic.

Lorrayne advised which pots were good for Olive Trees and was very mindful of the sizing of our doors for the Pots and Urn to fit through. Stuart hand delivering them to Manchester from Taunton just showed how passionate they are about their pots arriving undamaged ( no leaving these on your front doorstep from a pallet delivery).

Thank you both so much for all your help."


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