Size Guide

One of our biggest challenges on the website is putting across the physical difference in the various sizes of the pots.  Although sometimes only measuring small amounts more in diameter and height from one size to the next, in reality the whole pot scales up quite significantly.  

To give you a better idea, the Classica pots shown here are 48cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm & 95cm and will give you a good gauge of not only the difference in height, but the upscale in planting area between the pots.  

We know its sometimes a hard decision to make so if you want some advice or just need to chat it through, give us a call.  We're always happy to help and can often send additional photographs of the specific pot you are interested in.  

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Pots 38cm - 50cm diameter

Pots 50cm - 60cm diameter

Pots 60cm - 70 cm diameter

Pots 70cm - 80 cm diameter

Pots 80cm - 90cm diameter

Pots 90cm - 100cm diamater

Pots 100cm+ diameter

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