Plenty Of Pots And Plenty Of Drama!

Well, it seemed like an eternity, but the first trailer of shiny new pots has safely arrived from Italy. Not without a certain amount of drama, it must be said!

Perhaps a slight 'lost in translation moment', but on Friday evening, just as we had sat down with a chilled bottle after a long day out on deliveries, we heard the rumblings of something huge heading down our (normally tranquil) country lane. The rumblings grew louder and eventually were joined by a loud screech and a long, satisfied pfffffft of air. It was a horrifying moment when we realised that the driver and his articulated lorry had arrived at our home address rather than the yard and was now well and truly stuck down our narrow lanes with no easy way out! 

The driver took some convincing of the route he needed to take to get him back on the straight and narrow, and I must say his skills were exceptional, but off we went, in convoy to lead him back to the main road and eventually to the yard. His frown turned to a smile, and my relief at getting back to my wine, knowing that we wouldn't have to unload some 300 pots in the middle of the countryside, was tangible.

That little fiasco aside, we are delighted with the fabulous pots that our pottery has produced for us yet again and during some really tough times in Italy. We applaud them.

Have a look at the website, which has been updated with the new arrivals and keep another eye out for even more stock to appear next week after the second trailer arrives. 

I will, without doubt, be confirming, re-confirming and triple confirming again that they have the correct delivery address this time!

*Further Update:- The second wagon has now arrived, and we are fully stocked! Head over to view our full range of Terracotta Pots & Planters.

Posted by Lorrayne Scott-Collins on June 10th 2021

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