Plain Terracotta Pots

A wide selection of plain hand made Tuscan Terracotta pots.

This section shows the most comprehensive range of pots. They have little or no decoration, save bands at critical points like the shoulder, body, and foot, which historically would have been added to assist in moving the pot.

Most styles in this range are multifunctional planters and can accommodate planting applications from flowering bulbs and bedding to large shrubs, small fruit trees, and specimens such as buxus, bay, and olive trees. Some planters are designed for a particular plant or purpose, such as the Camellia and Bassa. If you are unsure of a specific pot's suitability for your intended planting, please contact us

You can see planted examples of many of the pots featured in this range in our gallery.

About Our Plain Range of Terracotta Pots & Planters

Our plain range of terracotta pots is by far the largest. In general terms, the Great British gardener prefers the simplicity of a plain planter rather than the highly decorated types which can be found in abundance across Italy.

The terracotta pots in this range come in a fantastic selection of sizes and shapes. We have carefully selected them to ensure we can supply the perfect terracotta pot for your particular planting requirement. So from a small floral display to a large tree planting, the pots in our plain terracotta pot range is an excellent place to start your search.

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