Pot Lifter

The Award Winning Potlifter … making gardening a little easier! *£5 p&p applies if ordered separately from pots.
Price each

This is a new product manufactured by a company in the US. It enables the safe lifting of planted pots, containers, root ball trees, shrubs and many other heavy or awkward to lift items.  With a load capacity of up to 200lb (90kgs) in weight and extendable to fit objects of 7ft (2.1m) in circumference,  PotLifter is ideal for moving heavy items across uneven ground or on steps where trolleys can be unstable.

The PotLifter is definitely one of those ‘I didn’t know I needed this but now that I have it I can’t imagine how I managed without it’ products. It’s incredibly well-engineered, made with quality materials, and makes a difficult job easy. If you find yourself trying to move containers or other heavy gardening items, the PotLifter is a must-have.    Monica Hemingway Editor of the Gardening Products Review

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