A Winter Potting Guide For Large Terracotta Pots

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While your garden might not be awash with vibrancy and obvious signs of life at this time of year, winter can be a great time to add a splash of natural colour to your outdoor space—simply by choosing the right large terracotta pots and some hardy, seasonal plant life.

It’s certainly not the ideal time for planting in the ground and in your beds, but taking advantage of the versatility and grandiose aesthetics of a handmade Italian pot will offer you the solution you need. 

Let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll need to consider when potting during winter.

What plants should I choose?

Winter is often seen as a rest time for your garden; a chance for the natural elements to hunker down and wait for spring. But that doesn’t need to be the case. There are a range of seasonal planting options out there that will flourish with the right care and container choice. 

Rich, colourful flowers, and robust, evergreen foliage can all be used to create a visually appealing garden space; a high-impact, low-maintenance environment that will bring joy and see you through the colder months.

Pansies are a popular choice for a winter garden thanks to their eye-catching colours—from reds and purples, to yellows and even bronze—and for their tolerance to cold weather. 

Meanwhile, heather is a low-growing shrub that produces delicate, bell-shaped flowers in shades of pink, purple, and white that will positively thrive in large terracotta pots during the colder months. A hugely desirable option for a garden winterscape as it provides colour and texture even when other plants have gone dormant.

pot feet for terracotta pots
potting with large terracotta pots

Make sure your pots are winter-ready

While terracotta pots and planters handmade in Tuscany are renowned for their hardy properties, there are a number of steps you should take to ensure they’re prepared for the stark drop in temperature. 

Perhaps the most fundamental element you need to consider, one compounded by the distinct weather patterns found in the UK, is adequate drainage for your pots. The onset of frost after a period of wet weather can be disastrous for your large terracotta pots if not drained properly. Water left at the bottom will freeze, expand and potentially crack the terracotta.

You can avoid this issue by mounting your large handmade terracotta pot on risers or pot feet to ensure the drainage hole is clear of frozen surfaces. Airflow will circulate around the pot, helping draw excess water from the terracotta and soil. Be sure to inspect the drainage hole regularly and remove any blockages if necessary.

Keep a close eye on the weather, and be sure not to water your pots before a deep frost—and, if there’s been any snowfall, take care to clear any snow  from inside and around the pot and its base. For further precautions against the cold weather for your terracotta pots and your plant’s root systems, you can always wrap the pot with winter fleece or hessian. 

How can we help?

We stock a wide range of large handmade terracotta pots and planters that are wonderfully suited for your winter potting needs. If you’d like advice on any of our product range, or any tips on finding the perfect pot for your needs, please do get in touch.

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