5 Ways to Add Instant Natural Colour to Your Garden This Summer

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summer garden with terracotta pots

If you're looking for an instant injection of colour in your garden spaces this summer, then the thoughtful addition of some large terracotta planters could be just the thing.

Versatile, elegant and perfect for displaying any number of vibrant plant life; a handmade terracotta pot can be the perfect remedy for turning those dull-looking patios, balconies or terraces into a symphony of colour and aesthetic appeal.

Classic terracotta pots not only bring an authentic touch of the Mediterranean into your garden but also serve as perfect vessels for displaying nature's colourful offerings. Let’s look at five unique ways of adding instant natural colour to your outdoor spaces using handmade terracotta pots.

Experiment with colours and shades

Transform your garden into a floral masterpiece by arranging bright-coloured flower displays in your Italian terracotta pots. Whether you prefer vivid petunias, sunflowers, or bright purple lavender, a terracotta planter will provide a stunning backdrop to showcase your flowers. Experiment with various colour combinations and heights to create depth and visual interest for those enjoying your summer garden.

Going green!

Bring soft natural greens to your outdoor space with lush plants and foliage-filled terracotta pots. Whether it’s ferns, shrubs, cascading ivy, or ornamental grasses, you can really revitalise a balcony or patio area with the introduction of some greenery. The earthy tones of terracotta will complement beautifully the various shades of green, creating a rich, vibrant atmosphere.

Choose citrus this summer

Add a zing of colour to your garden with the bright and lively colours of a citrus plant. Lemon trees, orange shrubs, or lime plants thrive in large terracotta pots, evoking the spirit of a traditional Italian garden. Using a traditional Tuscan pot for your citrus plants is a wonderful method of bringing a summery, vibrant aesthetic to your garden, even if the weather isn’t on your side!

summer garden with terracotta pots

Plant a herb garden

Create a delightful herb garden using stunning low terracotta pots as your canvas. Fill each pot with a different culinary herb, such as basil, mint, thyme, or rosemary. Not only will these aromatic herbs add splashes of natural colour to a tired-looking terrace, but they will also enrich your culinary endeavours. The harmonious blend of colours and fragrances will make your garden a haven for all things fresh and flavourful.

Attract butterflies to your garden

Your garden can become a charming natural sanctuary for wildlife with the help of some stunning terracotta pots. Butterflies are welcome guests in a summer garden, playing a vital role in pollinating plants and an essential contributor to a thriving ecosystem. By strategically planting nectar-rich flowers in your terracotta pots, you can attract these delightfully colourful insects to your garden throughout the summer.

How can we help?

With handmade terracotta pots fashioned through traditional Tuscan pottery techniques, you have the perfect foundation to add instant natural colour to your garden over the summer months. From blooming bouquets to herb gardens, each option is a testament to the versatility and beauty of these exquisite pots. Embrace the charm of a handmade terracotta pot and watch your garden come alive with vibrant hues that will leave a lasting impression. If you’d like to find out more about our handmade Italian pot range, please do get in touch.

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