The Benefits of Choosing Low-Maintenance Evergreen Plants For Your Garden

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Shrubs in large terracotta pots

Low-maintenance evergreen shrubs are a superb, versatile planting option for a variety of garden spaces and can be used to satisfy a number of landscaping and garden design needs. 

The aesthetic features of an ornamental shrub, with their distinctive green foliage, are perfect for displaying in extra large terracotta pots, creating a true statement piece for your garden. The plant’s naturally dense composition also makes them ideal for privacy screens, security barriers, and foundation planting. 

What’s more, these decorative bushes will keep their leaves all-year-round, adding splashes of colour to your garden no matter the climate! So, let’s explore the world of low-maintenance evergreen plants and see how your garden could benefit from introducing them to your outdoor space.

What are low-maintenance evergreen shrubs?

Low-maintenance evergreen shrubs are bushy, multi-stemmed plants that require little care once they’ve taken root. As soon as you’ve found a natural home for your evergreen plant—they’ll thrive wonderfully in a handmade terracotta planter—these no-fuss shrubs won’t lose their leaves in the autumn, and their foliage survives throughout winter. So you can enjoy the aesthetic and practical benefits throughout the seasons. 

Furthermore, low-maintenance shrubs don’t require much in the way of pruning or watering and will grow happily in a variety of soil types. These miraculous features make evergreen shrubs a hugely desirable addition to a garden space.

What evergreen shrubs should I choose?

The traditional approach when it comes to evergreen shrubs is to invest in compact, bushy conifers such as cypress, spruce, and junipers. But there are a litany of ornamental evergreens with unique characteristics that make for equally functional and visually captivating plant life. 

Shrubs with eye-catching flowers like cherry laurel and Indian hawthorn will do wonderfully in large handmade Italian terracotta pots. Meanwhile, some robust evergreen shrubs grow resplendently with vibrant colourful leaves; bringing your garden to life with yellow, red, or even a multi-coloured foliage. A wintercreeper, for instance, will add flourishes of yellow and green to your outdoor space with its striking leaf tones.

evergreen plants in terracotta pots
shrubs in terracotta pots

Things to consider when choosing a low-maintenance evergreen shrub

When choosing a low-maintenance evergreen shrub, it’s important to consider each individual plant's requirements for sun exposure. A great number of evergreen shrubs can grow happily anywhere from full sun to partial shade. These types of shrubs will require at least six hours of daily sunlight. Other ornamental bushes, however, have a penchant for deep shade, so it’s imperative to understand these biological needs before planting your evergreen shrubs.

Another factor to take into account when purchasing a minimal-care evergreen shrub is its size and dimensions once fully matured. Dwarf evergreen shrubs are the ideal choice for foundation planting or low hedging, while loftier shrubs will require tall terracotta pots—or can be used as a living fence once planted. At the same time, you will need to identify the shrub’s width once fully grown; choose a container that will allow room to flourish and enhance your garden’s aesthetics.

How can we help?

We have a wide range of large handmade terracotta pots that are wonderfully suited for your low-maintenance evergreen shrubs. If you’d like advice on any of our product range, or any tips on the perfect pot for your needs, please do get in touch.

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